Kenney’s Cuts are Destroying Our Economy

Alberta’s future is under attack

Every day, in every corner of the province new stories come to light about the economy-destroying impacts of Kenney’s cuts.

When he was elected, Kenney made a lot of promises to hardworking Albertans. Promises to kickstart the economy and restore prosperity to Alberta. But instead of helping Albertans, he’s cut funding to education, health care, and he’s cut investments in critical infrastructure at a time when we desperately need a strong foundation for our economy.

He’s tipped the playing field against workers and in favour of wealthy CEOs.

And instead of boosting the economy, he’s given away 4.7 billion dollars to profitable corporations who have no intention of using the money to create jobs.

He’s slashed our education and our health care, which is throwing thousands of nurses and teachers out of work. That is the opposite of creating jobs. 

We know that undermining the public services that provide the foundation of our prosperity will weaken our economy, not strengthen it.

Albertans expect someone to stand up to Kenney’s reckless, economy-destroying agenda.

And that’s exactly what we are doing.

An economy that only works for the rich is an economy that isn’t really working.

Now is the time to join the resistance!

Just how much damage has Kenney’s UCP government done? Check out our cuts tracker.

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