United Protest to Make the UCP Listen!

We're ready to stand up to Kenney.

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When May 22, 2021 at 2:00pm - 2:30pm

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Drive-up to UCP MLA Kaycee Madu's office to help make the UCP listen to our concerns and shape a brighter future for Alberta. People worried about Alberta’s future will be joining to make our voices and car horns heard.
You are invited to display signs concerning the issues that you care about in your car windows. Please arrive at 2:00 p.m. so we can show our high numbers. We will remain in our cars to ensure safety and compliance with current COVID-19 health restrictions. The media will be invited to document our efforts.
Attend if you are concerned about issues in Alberta such as:
  • The negligent handling of the pandemic leading to the highest infection rate in North America
  • The ignorant draft school curriculum
  • The exploitation of our mountains and water for mining
  • The budget cuts to healthcare, education and other community services
  • The lack of consultation with Albertans and Indigenous groups on policy
  • The attempts to privatize public institutions
  • The attacks on the right to protest
  • Or other issues that YOU care about
We may expand this event to other MLA offices later, so stay tuned! Please message Beth Strom on Facebook if you are interested in supporting an event in your area.
*This is a peaceful and law-abiding protest. All are welcome to attend EXCEPT those who are not willing to respect the safety of others, particularly in regards to the pandemic. Please do your best to not block traffic or disrupt local businesses.