Tell your MLA: Kenney’s cuts are #NotWhat

Jason Kenney promised “Jobs! Economy! Pipelines!”

But, that’s not what the Kenney government has been delivering.

Did you vote for any of these things?

  • Cutting health care to pay for corporate tax cuts?
  • Cutting public education while giving more money to private schools?
  • Allowing auto insurance companies to jack up rates?
  • Spending $120 million on a ‘war room’ that can’t shoot straight?
  • Seizing control of pension funds without consent?
  • Opening the door to American-style, for-profit health care?
  • Tearing up contracts with doctors and nurses?
  • Weakening unions and cutting workplace safety protections?
  • Cutting daycare programs that working families rely on?
  • Cutting prescription drug programs for seniors?
  • Rejecting diversification as a ‘luxury we can’t afford’?
  • Stoking the fires of separation from Canada?
  • Attempting to transform Alberta in the image of Trump’s America?

It’s time to send a message to the Kenney that they don’t have a mandate for any of this.

Send your MLA a message today and tell them this is “Not what I voted for!”

The Kenney government won the last election. But that doesn’t give them a blank cheque for the next four years. Let’s remind them they can’t impose radical policies that have not been endorsed by Albertans. 

In a democracy, government should belong to the people. Let’s make sure Kenney understands that the citizens of Alberta of are not happy and that we have not given our consent for this radical agenda!