Don’t let the UCP privatize our health care

Public health care dollars are for people, not profits.

Canada’s premiers are calling on the federal government to increase health care funding for provinces and Justin Trudeau says he’s listening. 

But the UCP and their donors can’t be trusted with a blank cheque. They're pushing American-style private health care. The UCP has already started giving more of our health care to profit-seeking companies and is using the pandemic as cover to cut Alberta’s investments in public health care.

This is the worst time to rob public health care of staff and resources. We need our government to add more capacity to our public health care system, not sabotage it and make it more expensive. 

Albertans urgently need more investment in our public health care, but the federal government can’t give the money to the UCP unconditionally — we need to make sure our public dollars aren’t handed over to corporate shareholders.

Tell Justin Trudeau not to give the UCP a blank cheque to privatize our health care.