Jason Kenney is trying to silence working Albertans

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Make sure our voices are heard!

Jason Kenney and his UCP government are trying to shut us up and shut us down. By introducing Bill 81*, they want to strip away the voices of working Albertans and prevent any group that criticizes the government from advocating on issues that impact Alberta’s workers.

This is all a clear attempt by the UCP to muzzle their many critics before the next election.

The Alberta Federation of Labour has been fighting for working Albertans since day one, and will not back down to Kenney or his attempts to pass this bill.

You can help by joining our campaign. Make no mistake, Jason Kenney is trying to silence groups like us. By joining our campaign, we’ll be able to keep you up-to-date on all the things working Albertans are doing to #StandUpToKenney, no matter what he does—until the UCP is finally defeated in the next election.

You’ll join more than 50,000 Albertans who support the AFL’s “Stand Up To Kenney” campaign. Together we can protect the voices of working Albertans and send a loud and clear message to Kenney that we won’t be silenced. 

Bill 81 hasn’t passed yet so we still have time to fight back—but only if we do it NOW.

Join us and stand up to Kenney to protect the voices of Alberta’s workers.


*Bill 81 says no group which has criticized the government can register as a so-called Third-Party Advertiser (TPA). Without being able to register as a TPA, the AFL will not be able to run public advocacy campaigns on issues of concern to Alberta workers. 

Bill 81 also says that anyone who has voiced opposition to the UCP or its policies will be deemed as an “affiliate” of the NDP – and, therefore, will also be ineligible to use the tools of 21st-century advocacy campaigning.