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We’re standing up to tell Kenney and his UCP government that Albertans have had enough. Stand with us if you’re tired of being dismissed by Kenney and watching our province crumble under his leadership. We know Albertans deserve better. Sign on and join the fight for all Albertans. 

We can’t let Kenney neglect workers’ safety again!

With Omicron spreading across the world, we need to act NOW to stop a deadly...

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Don’t let the UCP privatize our health care

Tell Justin Trudeau not to give the UCP a blank cheque to Americanize our healthcare....

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Demand PAID Sick Leave For ALL Alberta’s Workers

Jason Kenney and his UCP government have let Alberta’s workers down by having them choose...

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Demand Mental Health Support for Healthcare Workers

We can’t afford to lose our frontline healthcare workers. Jason Kenney and his UCP government...

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Jason Kenney is trying to silence working Albertans

Make Jason Kenney regret ever trying to silence workers. We need to stop him in...

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