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Take the pledge to say "I'm ready to stand up to Kenney" and if you're ready for action NOW make sure you check the "Sign me up for an action team in my area" box so we can contact you to join our Community Action Teams.

24,218 have signed. Lets get to 25,000!

24,218 have signed. Lets get to 25,000!

We’re united and ready to push back!

The list of the UCP’s attacks on Albertans and the public interest is long … and growing daily. It’s time to say “enough is enough” and “this is NOT what we voted for”! 

By taking the “I’m ready" pledge, you’re saying that you’re ready to take part in province-wide protests that will include rallies and demonstrations, and which could include work stoppages, like general strikes.


Every day, in every corner of the province new stories come to light about the economy-destroying impacts of Jason Kenney’s cuts. That’s why we’ve created a cuts tracker where you can follow and fight cuts that affect you.

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If you’re against Kenney’s cuts, now is the time to fight back. Workers across Alberta are joining the resistance.

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