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Albertans trusted Jason Kenney to make our lives better. Instead, he’s implemented massive job loss and vicious cuts. We didn’t vote for this.

Your life is busy, and the news cycle is fast. Kenney tries to make cuts even faster. He wants you to turn a blind eye because he thinks you can’t keep up.

That’s why we’ve created this cuts tracker. You can keep track of cuts that happen daily, or filter for issues that affect you the most, like health care and education. Together, we can spread the word and fight back.

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Alberta’s post-secondary students to protest budget cuts

Kenney government's approval rating drops to 20%

'Our services are being eroded': rural healthcare concern

HSAA union says over 135 calls with no ambulances in 50 days

Poll 70% of Albertans say health care has declined under UCP

No evidence of wrongdoing found in 'anti-Alberta' campaigns

Only 158 Albertans reported COVID to multimillion-dollar app

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Late again, UCP tries to get a grip on COVID chaos in schools

UCP releases vaccination QR code without app to scan it

Bill 1 includes hospitals, AFL joins call for ‘firebreak’

AHS pausing mental illness and addiction program referrals

UCP finally asks Ottawa for COVID-19 health-care help

Kenney implored to seek help as Alberta health care crumbles

UCP launches easy to forge COVID-19 vaccine record

Nurses forced to fight for mental health due to UCP cuts

Kenney imposes COVID restrictions, passport amid ICU crisis

UCP government cuts funding for hazardous waste disposal

Alberta parents scramble as virus-warning system ends

Alberta Health Care System ‘On Brink of Collapse’

Alberta's rising COVID-19 cases due to government inaction

Twelve Alberta mayors call for COVID-19 vaccine passport

Some Alberta businesses call for vaccine passport

Kenney announces $100 incentives for unvaxxed, mask mandate

Kenney absent in fourth wave, doctors start COVID briefings

Advocacy group creates email tool for school COVID concerns

Elective orthopedic surgery halted due to doctor shortage

UCP to remove most COVID-19 isolation, testing requirements

Nursing shortage to hit Red Deer emergency department hard

UCP government seeks to privatize orthopedic surgeries

Hospital laundry job cuts, outsourcing to begin in September

U of L has lost over $16M in provincial grant under UCP

St. Albert, Red Deer hospitals face bed closures

Nurses flag 14 bed closures at Grande Prairie hospital

Alberta towns, cities feel squeeze from UCP grants cuts

University of Alberta outsourcing 60 cleaning jobs

AHS presents health care support workers with 4 per cent wage cut

AHS closing cancer, acute care, palliative care, ER beds

NDP raises concern about Alberta hospital bed closures

'We've never seen anything like this' cuts to services

Nurse shortages lead to ER bed closures in Alberta

Royal Alex, Lacombe hospitals close beds, staff shortage

Alberta lost 37,000 full-time jobs in June, highest in Canada

UCP finance minister wants to cut pay to nurses

UCP cut health & education spending by nearly $1B last year

UCP cuts to U of A make for a rapidly shrinking institution

Staff shortages causing rural hospital beds to close

Keystone XL is dead, and Albertans are on the hook for $1.3B

UCP payroll problem leaks into wildland firefighting efforts

Health experts warn against Alberta opening too soon

Criticism after Kenney’s ‘Sky Palace’ dinner

The impact of post-secondary cuts on Lethbridge’s economy

3-stage plan could see Alberta fully reopen by July, premier

U of C contract proposal with wage rollbacks 'disgusting'

Squeezed by UCP cuts, UCalgary propose 'massive' tuition hikes

U of A contract proposal would reduce pay retroactively

Teen death renews calls for AHS to scrap new 911 dispatch

Hospital public laundry contract awarded to private company

Tuition is set to soar for 12 programs at the UAlberta

UCP government fails to sign on to federal farm aid program

ATA, principal sue UCP government over pension order

UCP cuts municipalities' infrastructure funding by 25 per cent

UCP to double Albertans cellphone 911 levy

Post-secondary cuts a 'circuit-breaker' for Alberta economy

Why Jason Kenney’s health care investment isn’t “historic”

U of A bears brunt of provincial budget cuts

UCP kills bill to add representation to AIMCo

Another example of UCP 'screwing this region' Ft. McMurray

UCP clears surgeries to private clinics delayed by COVID-19

UCP shutting down Alberta Government Library

Budget 2021: Post-secondary sees further cuts 750 job losses

Rural counties owed $245M in unpaid oil and gas taxes

Labour leaders blast health officials over Olymel outbreak

UCP connected company gets COVID testing contract

UCP frontline worker wage support is late and divisive

The fall of Jason Kenney

Critics skeptical as UCP reverses on open-pit coal mines

UCP retreats on 1976 coal policy but no guarantees

UCP cuts carbon credit program for Alberta farmers

UCP not using $675M in COVID-19 federal emergency funds

Alberta Federation of Labour calls school outbreaks alarming

Layoffs from Cenovus-Husky oilpatch merger begin

UCP wants to sell land titles, corporate registry services

Union leader said Kenney lost his bet on Keystone XL

Unions 'livid' after UCP changes terms of public-sector pensions

Alberta musician against coal mines in Rocky Mountains

UCP quietly passed order that takes over pensions

Albertans won't forget Aloha-gate

Allard resigns from cabinet post, other MLAs demoted

Tany Yao sixth MLA confirmed to have travelled amid COVID-19

#ResignKenney trends after Alberta MLAs and staff travel

Two more UCP MLAs returning to Alberta from trips abroad

Kenney won't sanction Allard or others who travelled

Alberta municipal affairs minister took Hawaii vacation

UCP plans new mountaintop-removal coal mines

Government takeover of post-secondary education

UCP government to rewrite water use rules along Rockies

Alberta ranchers take Kenney government to court

Proposed end to WCB fair practices office 'shortsighted'

The politics behind Jason Kenney's 'tepid' COVID-19 response

UCP guts Workers’ Compensation and work safety protections

New UCP bill opens door for road and bridge tolls

UCP cutting 930 jobs in social services, agriculture, forestry

UCP plans to hike costs for medications for outpatients

UCP education recommendations would set Alberta back

Highlights of Kenney's attack on workers in Alberta

Kenney moves to privatize health care jobs in the Okotoks area

UCP moves ahead with EMS consolidation, ignoring concerns from cities

Medicine Hat’s maternity clinic will close due to UCP cuts

UCP to cut 11,000 AHS health care jobs

Stephen Harper's son, 24, employed by Kenney as Policy Advisor

U of A to cut 650 jobs to overcome $127-million funding gap

Swan Hills Treament Centre lays off 60% of work force

UCP government plans to move ahead with de-listing 175 park sites

Foothills doctor leaving UCP policies behind

Five Sundre docs to leave Alberta amid UCP government dispute

Calgary cuts 110 workers who service and clean city buses

UCP funding cut forces layoff of 160 bus attendants

Whatever happened to the Alberta superlab?

Rural families in Brooks face potential 466% tax increase

UCP cuts to emergency dispatch may put lives at risk

UCP considers $200M private orthopedic surgical facility

Red Deer families face 30% tax increase after UCP tax plan

Special-needs students left behind with UCP education cuts

UCP cuts to pensions leave workers behind

UCP to privatize care for vulnerable children and adults

Stettler County protests Kenney's damaging policies

Families of developmentally disabled fight UCP privatization

“Top Six” list of the most dangerous sections of Bill 32

UCP cut child care subsidy program for families

UCP cut of on-site dental causes unnecessary hardship

UCP decision to close drug site will ultimately cost lives

What you need to know about the UCP’s undemocratic, anti-worker law

Kenney acting like Putin with latest inquiry

UCP scraps grants for post-secondary students with children

UCP omnibus bill paves way for private surgeries

Sundre hospital loses 8 doctors due to UCP

UCP announced more tax cuts for corporations

UCP cuts phone-based supervised consumption project

U of A pulls out of some varsity sports due to UCP cuts

UCP to allow private sale of blood in Alberta

Red Deer College faces $5.3M funding cut, turn to job cuts

The UCP spends $3.7 million to review post-secondary system

UCP government cuts Energy Efficiency Alberta

Edmonton Public School cuts 178 teachers due to UCP budget

UCP Budget forces cuts at Edmonton Public Schools

Elk Island Public Schools cuts 87 jobs due to UCP funding shortfall

Opposition bill seeks to reverse public-sector pension changes

UCP scrap job competition for Alberta's Health Advocate

Bow Valley College closes Canmore campus due to UCP cuts

Parents say UCP education cut abandons special needs kids

UCP hires former executive director of Conservative Party

UCP cuts force Medicine Hat College to cut programs and jobs

The UCP cuts force U of A to cut programs

U of L cuts all varsity hockey after UCP cuts

UCP forces 20,000 layoffs, Canada's biggest pink-slip binge

Radiologists' contracts canceled amid COVID_19

U of A cuts up to 1,000 jobs after UCP budget cuts

UCP budget may mean fewer principals at Calgary schools

Inadequate funding for Edmonton Public Schools

Hours, contracts cut at heritage sites & museums

Fort McMurray childcare workers lose living allowance

Royal Alberta Museum forced to cut hours

UCP government cuts Energy Efficiency Alberta

Alberta universities, colleges face UCP funding cuts

UCP Appoints MacKinnon to University of Alberta board

Former head of UCP panel appointed to U of A

New rules would limit school board control over funds

Distance Learning fund cut over two years

20 parks to fully/partially close

UCP cuts accreditation that promotes quality for child care

Parents fear cuts will segregate special needs kids

UCP cut funding for post-secondary leading to higher tuition

Financial benefit cut for victims of violent crime

UCP cuts to U of A budget by 11%

Seniors drug plan cut by $72 million

Kenney government accused of burying climate-change report

Province cuts funding for firefighter training

Province drastically cuts funding for municipalities

UCP Child care cuts put Alberta further behind

UCP cuts medical imaging from some health practitioners

Calgarians face higher energy costs after UCP cuts cap

Doctors leaving Alberta town over government cuts

Alberta lawyers sound alarm over budget cuts

Budget cuts cause family court project to be suspended

Struggling energy industry propped up by public pensions

UCP cuts health coverage for those travelling out of country

Driving more expensive under UCP

Medical imaging wait times longer after UCP Cuts

UCP cut of $138 million to education confirmed

Calgary energy company won its case against UCP government

High River short nearly $30,000 after funding cut

UCP expect cuts from health care workers

UCP unveils new provincial education funding formula

UCP forces cuts to education and doctors

UCP refused new deal with Alberta's doctors

Medicine Hat loses child development program under UCP

Cuts to Lethbridge school divisions confirmed

Kennedy offloads crude-by-rail contracts

UCP excludes environmental groups

Young Albertans targeted with UCP cuts

Education funding cut under UCP

Kennedy threatens western alienation for oil investments

Alberta Doctors push back against recommendations for cuts

Two Calgary Catholic Schools face possible closure under UCP

UCP pushes 24,000 workers to take pay cuts

AHS Review recommends increasing monthly fees on seniors

Drug plan benefits affecting 60,000 Albertans heartless

Calgary forced to cut floor mitigation after UCP cuts

AHS Review recommends increasing monthly fees on seniors

UCP MLA claims more cuts needed to AHS management

Recommended health care cuts including replacing nurses

AHS review recommends higher costs and more privatization

UCP changes to education sector driven by ideology

UCP turns to private health care to off-load costs

Cuts force government workers to respond to rural crime

UCP cuts hit St. Albert family

Arbitrator pushes back against rollbacks for public workers

Rural Alberta missing out on unpaid taxes from oil and gas

UCP cuts section of Alberta building code

UCP excludes teacher representatives from education review

UCP cuts overall funding for film and television in Alberta

Service Alberta forced to make layoffs

The UCP curriculum review cuts teachers from the panel

Alberta cuts funding plan for province

UCP shifts to performance-based funding for post-secondary

UCP off-loads policing costs onto rural municipalities

Briefing notes question the UCP corporate tax cuts

Agricultural sector concerned about government job cuts

UCP eyes education support funding for more cuts

UCP cuts force legal witnesses to go without

Kenney refuses to help municipalities with O&G unpaid taxes

No more tissues or water for victims due to cruel UCP cuts

Rural residents will have to pay for O&G companies' debt

UCP kicks 46,000 senior dependants off of drug coverage

UCP closes gallery store Alberta Branded on legislature grounds

Some may have to quit jobs due to daycare program cut

UCP's conscience rights bill worries doctors

The UCP must stop toying with early childhood funding

UCP tells post-secondary: freeze hiring, hosting and travel

UCP switching to biosimilar drugs will not work for all

Funding for $25/day child-care extended but future uncertain

Alberta's education funding freeze leads to cost-cutting

B.C. seeks to hire Alberta firefighters from cut program

UCP government turns down Lethbridge request for SCAN unit

No wage increases for Alberta nurses and teachers, arbitrators rule

UCP cuts funding for medications

Tuition to sky rocket in response to UCP cuts

UCP cuts grant to fight mountain pine beetles

CBE sends final budget to province amid criticism

Internal documents show scholarship delay due to UCP budget

UCP Cuts threaten Alberta's Ability to respond to wildfires

UCP cuts Agricultural Ministry staff

Daycare grants nixed by province

Kenney's war on workers

AHS imposes overtime limits, unions raise safety concerns

MacEwan University hiking tuition after UCP budget cuts

Calgary school uses parent-raised funds to pay for teachers

UCP government cuts funding allocated for Checkstops

Facing cuts, law dean asks instructors to donate their pay

Budget cuts pressure on the Calgary Fire Department

UCP pulls drug funding for Crohn's arthritis patients

UCP government warns of cut grants to child care programs

Kenney's carbon tax claim proven wrong

UCP cuts workplace health and safety committees

UCP's 'nasty Christmas present' of university tuition hike

UCP Minister LaGrange attacks Calgary Board of Education

Kenney's approval ratings drop in wake of cuts controversy

UCP will force patients to switch to cheaper medications

Why attack one of the best school systems in the world?

UCP changes 'going to be a disaster' say doctors

Thousands lose drug coverage due to UCP cut

Bus fees raised for St. Albert students after UCP grant cut

UCP increases dental costs for Albertans

UCP government attacks knowledge with cuts to post-secondary

UCP takes another step toward "American-style health care"

UCP cuts force EPSB to raise school bus fees

Rural doctors worry UCP changes could lead to 'brain drain'

Possible new bus fees to make up for UCP education cuts

AMA President 'deeply concerned' about UCP proposals

The University of Lethbridge confirm tuition increases

UCP not funding needed Red Deer addiction clinic

Calgary Catholic School bus fees to increase due to UCP cuts

Albertans on hook for UCP's $6 billion corporate handout

Calls for RCMP to investigate UCP firing Election Official

Electricity bills to increase as UCP removes price cap

Peace Wapiti Public Schools lose $2 million to UCP cuts

Bus fees back for St. Albert and Sturgeon due to UCP cuts

Kenney upset at reaction to his budget full of cuts