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Rolling back wages and laying off nurses and health care staff. Chasing doctors out of the province. Sending our kids and teachers back to school during a pandemic without adequate protections. Attacking public health care and public education. Gutting protections for workers and the environment. Imposing deep cuts to public services while giving billions to corporations.

The list of the UCP’s attacks on Albertans and the public interest is long … and growing daily. It’s time to say “enough is enough” and “this is NOT what we voted for”!

Sign up and tell the UCP that we’re united, and that we’re ready to stand up for our province.

By taking the “I’m ready" pledge, you’re saying that you’re ready to take part in province-wide protests that will include rallies and demonstrations, and which could include work stoppages, like general strikes.

Take the “I’m Ready” Pledge!

Why protests that could include strikes?

Political scientists have concluded that peaceful protest movements that engage at least 3.5 percent of the population have NEVER failed to bring about change.

What this means for concerned Albertans is that we can make a difference by standing together and committing to engage in sustained provincewide protest action – protest action that could include work stoppages.

Step #1
Take the “I’m ready” pledge and show Kenney that we’re serious!

Step #2
Once enough Albertans have joined our movement, we’ll publicly demand that the government negotiate with us to address our concerns.

Step #3
If the government doesn’t listen to our demands, we’ll begin a series of one-day provincewide protests that could include work stoppages.

Mass protest action will NOT begin until it can be done safely in the context of the pandemic. But we need people to sign up NOW so we’re ready to move quickly once the COVID crisis has passed.

You do NOT have to be a union member or even a worker to participate. This is about ALL Albertans standing up to defend our province from the UCP’s destructive agenda!

Our demands for a better province

We’ll work with participating Albertans to develop a list of demands to present to the government. If you sign up, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in finalizing the list of demands. For the time being, our asks to the government will include the following:

  • Stop rolling back wages of nurses and health care staff
  • End the war on doctors
  • Scrap the plan to eliminate 11,000 public health care jobs
  • Scrap the back-to-school (non)plan and replace it with a plan that will truly keep students, staff and the community safe
  • Take COVID seriously by outlining a plan that doesn’t focus on “learning to live with it” and “personal responsibility”
  • Reverse the multi-billion-dollar tax giveaways to profitable corporations
  • Abandon plans to privatize and corporatize our health care system, including any efforts to introduce a second tier of private care for the wealthy
  • Reverse cuts to universities and colleges (our economic future depends on high-quality advanced education)
  • Reverse attacks on worker rights and protections (attacks on wages and worker bargaining will shrink the economy, not grow it)
  • Return control of public-sector pensions to those who actually pay for them (workers and employers) and stop the dangerous, irresponsible and politically motivated effort to pull Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Reverse the decisions to sell parks and remove protections for the headwaters of our rivers (which provide clean drinking water for the majority of Albertans)
  • Stop the attacks on public education, including plans to politicize the curriculum and use more public money to finance private schools
  • Reverse the criminalization of protest and changes aimed at making it easier for corporations and the wealthy to buy elections
  • Stop the attacks on AISH and programs for people with disabilities.
  • Close the “energy war room,” fire taxpayer-funded PR trolls and fire racist and bigoted staff and appointees
  • Stop flirting with separatism!
  • Consult with the public on a plan for the economy that focuses on diversification, child care and investments in people and public services, instead of simply doubling down on oil and gas (accept that the energy transition is here and plan for it)

What we’re committing to

Pledging support for the Stand Up to Kenney campaign is similar to casting a ballot during negotiations on a workplace contract – only on a much bigger scale.

Just like in workplace contract negotiations, strong support for a strike doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll go on strike – but it gives you leverage. The more people who sign up and pledge their support to “Stand Up to Kenney” campaign the harder it will be for Jason Kenney and the UCP to ignore us.